Don’t Lose Your GAINS When You Start Playing GAMES; Why In-Season Training Is Vital To Your Success!

1)   Keep Athletic Performance at Highest Possible Level

 You have worked so hard to build up your body in preparation for the season - strengthening muscles, connective tissue, and bones and increasing ranges of motion and mobility.  You have also been developing speed, explosiveness and the ability to efficiently change of direction.  These traits have led to increases in bat speed/ exit velocity, spin rate/ velocity and acceleration/ home to first times.  Training in-season ensures these traits stay consistent as you continue to practice and play games.


2)   Enhance Recovery Between Games and Practices

Not every strength session needs to leave you feeling drained and depleted.  In-season training sessions should have a completely different feeling to them than off-season sessions (more details below).  In fact, if properly dosed and programed, you should leave the weight room feeling energized.  I like to call these Central Nervous System Charges, like you are recharging your “battery”.  The goal of these workouts is to kick start the recovery process to ensure you are ready to hit TANKS or throw GAS every time you step on the field.


3)   Continue Long Term Athletic Development

 For the majority of you out there, this is THE most important reason to continue to train in-season.  It is crucial that YOU continue to develop as an athlete.  In this day and age, with long spring seasons, showcase summer teams, and traveling select fall ball schedules, you are almost always in-season.  If you decide to only train when you are not active with practices or games, you are severely shorting you performance potential.  You are young, and you still need to develop!  And keep developing!  And then, you need to develop some more!  The “in-season maintenance” is a myth!  Keep striving, keep getting better!  As Coach Zach Dechant said when asked about maintenance phases for high school athletes -  “MOST HAVE NOTHING TO MAINTAIN”.  With the proper protocol, you can continue to develop and still perform at your highest level AT THE SAME TIME!


Smart In-season training changes:

1)   Reduce volume (total reps and sets should be adjusted down from off-season workouts)

2)   Keep intensity high (train in the 80-90-ish% percent ranges)

3)   Reduce training days to 2 or 3 days per week

4)   Reduce training time to 20-45 minutes

5)   Weed out any “fluff”; Make sure every exercise is, in the words of Eric Cressey a “big bang for your buck” exercise. 

6)   Walk into the weight room with a purpose.  Time is valuable, get in, get your work done, and get out!

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Joe Servais