Semi-Private Training

Coach Servais is available for semi-private, in person training. Each athlete receives a program designed to fit the specific needs of the individual athlete and will include specific mobility, movement and strength exercises.

Youth: The SSP “Youth” class is designed for athletes between the ages of 10-13 years old. These classes will take into account the developmental needs of young athletes by creating a fun and energetic environment in which they can lay the foundation for their Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD).

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

Cap: 6 athletes/session

High School: The SSP “High School” class has been created for High School athletes who are ready to take their performance to the next level. More advanced techniques of jump, movement, and strength training will be utilized. Athletes will be expected to show up early and prepare themselves for their training session by following the warm-up protocol written for them by the SSP coaching staff.

Duration: Approximately 75-90 minutes

Cap: 8 athletes/session

Monthly Pricing:

-Training 2x/Week: $215

-Training 3x/Week: $265

-1x Initial Assessment: $40

Our son worked out with Joe four times a week for seven weeks over the summer and learned it’s not just how much weight you can lift, it’s how much weight you can move explosively. Under Joe’s strategic program, our son’s individual strength goals were surpassed many times. His pitch velocity goal was to increase speed from 88-89 mph to 92 mph by the fall baseball season; at the first college scrimmage, he blew the speed guns up at 93 mph.
— Craig and Lori Miller, Eldridge, Iowa